Ultra-isolation Transformer is a device which prevents passage of line voltage transient, spikes and galvanic leakage from reaching sensitive or critical equipment like computers and its peripherals, Signalling Instruments, digital communication and Telemetry systems, etc.

Ultra-isolation Transformer employs a unique multiple shielding technique that reduce the inter winding capacitance to below 0.1 pf and DC Isolation to over 100M ohms. Attenuation of common mode noise is around 130dB. Regulation at 230V AC is about 5%.


  • Available for variety of Power Ratings like 5KVA, 10KVA, 15KVA, 25KVA etc.
  • Input Voltage: 230V AC nominal
  • Mode of Operation: 1:1 Isolation Transformer
  • Load Regulation : ±3%
  • Common Mode Noise Over Rejection (Transient Spikes, surges): Up-to 130 dB
  • Multiple shielding technology in order to reduce coupling capacitance to avoid transfer of electrical noise from Input to Output
  • Acceptable Line Frequency: 46 to 56 Hz

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