The Earth Leakage Detector monitors the insulation resistance of a non-earthed Single or Three Phase AC & DC networks. It can monitor four different AC or DC supplies. Insulation faults are also detected in a network with loads fed via rectifiers or thyristors.

The ELD has been designed for preventive maintenance of system insulation by monitoring its ‘On-Line’ condition. It monitors and reads the insulation of all the cables and loads connected with power supply AC or DC (Busbar) in the form of leakage resistance. It measures ‘On-line insulation’ (Leakage Resistance) directly on to an LCD meter. Whenever leakage resistance of the connected network goes below the set value it gives audio & visual alarm thereby preventing failures due to earth fault.

The Earth Leakage Detector also measures actual value of the insulation resistance of the signalling circuit during un-energised (OFF-Line) condition through a built-in Cable insulation tester.


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  • Continuous monitoring of connected networks without disconnection of cables/circuits
  • Suitable for mounting in 19’’ rack and Siemens type 21’’ racks
  • Settable Alarm levels from 2Kilo-Ohm to 1 Mega-Ohm to ensure suitability in variety of networks
  • Modular design for ease of operation & reparability
  • Remote alarm facility available
  • Wide range of working voltages (110V AC/DC and/or 60V/24V/12V DC)
  • For multi-channel requirements say 8,12 or 24 channels, add-on units of 4-channels can be attached together
  • Customizable AC/DC channels as per requirement (Has to be specified by customer)

Advantages Of Reliance Electricals Make ELDs:

  • Leakage Resistance is displayed on a digital display which thereby providing complete accuracy across entire range of readings as opposed to analog meters
  • DC ELD measures Leakage Resistance across both Positive & Negative Poles giving an accurate representation of the health of the network
  • DC Channels are completely interchangeable & universal in terms of busbar voltage to be monitored

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